Whether you insist on perfection or your body shape makes it hard to find a shirt that fits, you’ll be pleased to know that alterations can be made. To help understand what can be done, we’ve put together this handy Savile Row guide.

Sleeve Length

Are your sleeves too long or short? For a small fee, a member of our team can shorten or lengthen your shirt sleeves to meet your personal requirements. Remember, when buttoned, your sleeves should hit at the break of the wrist and no further. If they don’t, then you may want to consider getting them altered.


Add Darts

Shirts have a seam on either side, and if it’s too big, a tailor can take it in for you. However, before doing so, consider opting for one of our slim-fit shirts which already come with back darts and offer a more tailored fit than our generously proportioned classic-fit shirts.


Collar or Cuff Replacement

Although this is typically done for bespoke shirts, it is possible for a skilled tailor to replace the collar or cuffs on your favourite design. This can be costly, so unless absolutely necessary, it may be easier to purchase a new shirt instead.



If you’d rather buy a shirt that requires no alterations (and why wouldn’t you?), our made-to-measure shirts are a must-have. By following a simple step-by-step guide (complete with video), you are able to personalise every aspect of your shirt to ensure you are left with a design that fits you perfectly.