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Contact Us: +44(0) 28 7939 5005

The Best Sleepwear for Men

13 Nov, 2017 | Savile Row
If you’ve never given much thought to what you wear to bed, you’re not alone. We’re betting at least half of the male population settles for a pair of boxes and an old white tee when it comes to lights out… However, here at The Savile Row Company we think it’s about time you start taking your sleepwear seriously. So, to help you do so, we’ve rounded-up the essential pieces we believe you need for a stylish night’s slumber. Sleepwear_model_shot

Dressing Gown

OK, so you’re not actually going to get into bed whilst wearing it (unless it’s really cold and the heating is broken), but a dressing gown will certainly lend a hand when it comes to relaxing and achieving your desired zen-like state. Luxuriously soft and ideal for winter, our classic fleece designs are available in multiple colourways, whilst our cotton versions (best worn during the warmer months) are presented in a selection of eye-catching prints. FLUFFY DRESSING GOWNS


The last word in dapper downtime attire, a pair of classic pyjamas – or pajamas if you’re from the other side of the pond – will transform your sleepwear (literally overnight). Crafted from the finest fabrics – including a winter-friendly brushed cotton – and made up of a long-sleeved shirt and bottoms, our offerings are ideal for traditionalists and the man that wants to be sharply dressed no matter who is there to witness. MEN'S PYJAMAS MEN'S PYJAMAS MODEL


Much like the dressing gown, your slippers are obviously not designed to be worn mid-sleep, however, they will save your feet from the cold floor during those late night fridge runs. Whether you’re a fan of the common backless designs or prefer something more ‘shoelike’, we have a pair to suit every rakish gentleman. MENS SLIPPERS

Pyjama Bottoms

If a full set of PJs aren’t your cup of tea (don’t worry, we understand), the best alternative is a pair of pyjama bottoms. The perfect partner for a crew neck T-shirt, not only will they look great, but they are guaranteed to help keep you warm once the inevitable freezing weather returns during the weeks ahead… MENS LOUNGEPANTS *Not all of these items are now in stock*
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