Heading to Wimbledon yet not sure what to wear? To help, we’ve put together three fail-safe outfits that will ensure you are dressed to impress.

1. Linen suit, button-down shirt and brogues


Although in recent years the strict dress code has become more relaxed, spectators still tend to arrive smartly turned out. For those who like to make the effort, we recommend opting for a lightweight linen suit, button-down shirt and classic brogues. Not only is this summer-appropriate, but it will certainly help keep to the occasion. If you’d prefer to go even smarter, simply add a tie and pocket square for a unique finishing touch.

2. Polo shirt, chinos and chukka boots


Unless you’re lucky enough to be invited into the Royal Box, now only ripped denim, running vests, sports shorts and dirty trainers are official fashion faux pas. Having said that, we don’t think this should mean a lowering of style standards… To make sure this doesn’t happen, we suggest investing in a short-sleeved polo shirt, chinos and a pair of chukka boots.

3. Linen shirt, chino shorts and loafers


For those wanting to strike the perfect balance between smart and casual, a linen shirt, tailored shorts and loafers are your go-to garments. If the weather takes a turn for the worse (fingers crossed it doesn’t), simply replace the shorts with trousers or a pair of classic chinos.

Final Word

Once you’ve picked your off-court outfit, all that’s left to do is take a seat, sip your Pimms, eat some strawberries and enjoy the show. Oh, and don’t forget your sunglasses. After all, whilst it’s all well and good looking great, you’re going to want to see what’s happening down on the court…

*Not all of these items are now in stock*