Effortlessly cool, immaculately dressed and admired by many, being a men’s style icon is on every gent’s to-do list. But how do you earn your stripes? Below, we’ve featured three of the finest dapper dressers from the past and listed the essential pieces you need to replicate their wardrobes.

Steve McQueen


Known as the ‘King of Cool’ for good reason, Steve McQueen’s style has been echoed by generations of style-conscious men. An advocate of clear-cut outfits with a masculine edge, one of his most common looks consisted of a classic herringbone jacket layered over a fine roll neck jumper. Simple yet effective, this winning combination is perfect for any occasion that requires a smart-casual ensemble. To finish things off, follow in McQueen’s footsteps with a pair of slim-fit chinos and tan boots.


Paul Newman


As suave as he was talented, the late Paul Newman was as deserving of his style icon status as anyone. From sharp tailoring to relaxed basics, his wardrobe was utterly timeless with a preppy American twist. To emulate his look, we suggest opting for a white button-down shirt, stone chinos and a pair of brogues.


John F. Kennedy


Whilst John F. Kennedy was often required to dress formally, it was perhaps his casual wardrobe that impressed the most. Whether he was spending time out at sea or on vacation with his family, his modest yet inspirational outfits always stole the show. To reach such heights, simply invest in a short or long-sleeved polo shirt, chinos and trainers.


Final Word

Now you know how to dress like a style icon, your next task is to act like one. To do so, the key is to wear your clothes with confidence. Take a look at any photo of McQueen, Newman or Kennedy and you’ll notice they look completely at ease; not only with what they are wearing, but also with themselves. Whilst we know this is not as easy as it sounds, striving towards such self-assurance is the best way to reach your sartorial goals.