What is the point of a silk square that sits in your breast pocket and looks like a hanky? Should it have a point? Or be folded square? This guide will answer all of your questions.

In purely practical terms, of course, the silk pocket square serves no purpose whatsoever. It’s gloriously point-less. But in sartorial terms, it’s an elegant little finishing touch that makes a world of difference.

How to Co-ordinate Your Pocket Square

How you choose to co-ordinate your pocket square with your suit, your shirt, your tie and your cufflinks is up to you. It’s a wonderful opportunity, often overlooked, to make an immediate impact. To demonstrate your style, confidence, individuality – and eye for detail.

And it’s easier than it looks.

Pocket square and tie match

Matching your tie is safe. And there’s nothing wrong with safe, if that’s how you like to play things …


But why not pick out a colour from your tie?

… and match that with a single-colour pocket square? It’s not difficult. And you’ve instantly raised your game. Dramatically.


Or go the outrageously easy white plus white route?

The understated combination of crisp white shirt with white silk pocket square is not only totally failsafe – but devastatingly stylish. Go formal and wear it with a tie. Or more relaxed and contemporary with an open cutaway collar.


And there’s fun to be had by adding more colours …

Make up your own rules to suit your personality and the particular situation you’re dressing for.


… and more patterns.

The bolder you are, the more individual – and imposing – the effect!


Then, of course, there’s the wonderfully nonchalant ‘tie-free pocket square’ look…

One little 11” silk square. (Or 28cm in ‘new money’.) Lots of opportunities for you to express your individuality.

And the point is? To have fun and show the world that you like to do things your way!

So how do you fold your pocket square to perfection? Read How to fold a square pocket square And find out how to puff it too!


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