If you hate creases but loathe ironing even more, you’ll be pleased to know that our latest range of non-iron shirts will soon be arriving at savilerowco.com.


Available in two fits (classic and slim) and multiple designs, we’re delighted to introduce our biggest non-iron shirts collection yet. From crisp white classics to striking stripes, we have a non-iron shirt to suit every possible occasion.

What Makes Them Special?

  • Just like all our formal shirts, our non-iron designs are made from premium cotton; ensuring they’re soft, breathable and luxuriously smooth.
  • Each of the shirts come with fully fused seems to guarantee a pristine appearance at all times.
  • When we say non-iron, we mean it. Simply wash it, dry it and wear it.
  • Afraid of creases? The special garment process used to create our non-iron shirts makes sure the wrinkle-resistant finish lasts all day.

Coming Soon

To give you an idea of what will be on offer, we’ve pulled together a selection of the designs below: