If you didn’t already know, as well as our website, we also have a store situated on the iconic Savile Row. Found at number 40, it offers a slightly different range of products – including bespoke, made-to-measure and ready-to-wear. Inside, amongst others, you’ll find our Store Director Max Ciampi, whom with over 20 years’ experience in the luxury retail industry, is on hand to cater to your every need.

To give you an understanding of Max’s background and what he can offer at the store, we caught up with the man himself on a sunny London afternoon.

1. Tell us a about your background? Where did you work before 40 Savile Row?

I first started at Gucci in the menswear department at Harrods, before moving to Zegna where I was the youngest concession department manager for seven years. After four years, I moved to Brioni where I worked as Deputy Store Director, then, three years later I moved to 40 Savile Row. I have now been trained in made-to-measure for roughly 17 years.

2. Who have you worked with? Any famous customers?

Over the years I have dealt with royalties, presidents and many other high profile individuals. If I have to drop a few names, it would be President Clinton, Michael Jackson, Daniel Craig and the late Sir Roger Moore.

3. What can you offer at the store that a gentleman can’t get on the high street?

An exceptional, more personal service, plus years of experience, extensive tailoring knowledge and the highest quality garments. When a customer comes into the store, they’ll never find themselves short of attention. We’ll sit down with them, find out exactly what they want and won’t rest until they get exactly that.

4. What sets 40 Savile Row apart from other stores on the row?

Whilst you can expect to find professional, well trained and highly experienced staff across the whole Row, we believe it’s our wide range of products that set us apart from others. Not only do we offer bespoke garments, but also made-to-measure and ready-to-wear. On top of that, we’re one of the only tailors on the street that caters to women as well as men.

5. What is your most popular request/product?

Whilst it would be hard to pinpoint a singular product, business and wedding outfits are by far our most popular; they’re one of our most consistent sellers.

For more details visit Savile Row Custom Made.