A word to all you wise men this Christmas

It’s a busy time of year & there’s already a lot for a chap to think about. Here are our top 6 hints on how to secure the ‘best dressed’ status – whatever the occasion.

1. Pull Out All The Stops – Black Tie Event

Make sure to check your tux and shoes for any needed cleaning, repairs or ‘spit and polish’. Team with a dazzling white bib or pleat front dinner shirt and your choice of bow tie.


2. Office Party

Even if you wear a suit to work each day & the dress code is quite formal – swap your normal business shirt for a ‘dark on dark’ look. Drop the jacket and tie, add a smart overcoat & you’ve rung in the festive spirit.


3. Drinks With Neighbours

There’s a nip in the air so the addition of a warm, Scottish wool sports jacket will be just the ticket. Team with a brushed smart-casual shirt & be cosier still.


4. The Best Show in Town

Off to the theatre? Slick, smart-casual is the way to travel. Our knitted jacket will fold easily and won’t crease. A fine knit jumper would add an easy-going, removable layer.


5. Christmas Market

It happens to the best of us – sent out to do some seasonal shopping! Enjoy the fresh air and make the most of it in a ship-shape pea coat and cashmere scarf. But if you decide to take to the ice rink – our non-iron chinos can’t guarantee a dry behind!


6. Bistro Dinner Date

Looking smart yet feeling comfortable and relaxed – that’s what this outfit delivers. A bottle of perfectly chilled champagne is the only accessory required.



*Not all of these items are now in stock*