The desire for speed and not to be caught by huge luggage fees – means travelling smart & light is high on our travelling agenda. Here are a few tips to alleviate the packing stress and help you master the art of ensuring a small space fits the maximum amount of kit.

Choose your luggage wisely. Buy lightweight, portable luggage, remembering that fewer compartments mean bigger, open spaces to pack more things.

Make a check-list and pre-pack. Think of those times you put things back in the suitcase, unworn – ready for the return journey home. We’ll talk more of that check-list later.

Share! There’s no need for both of you to pack a charger, shampoo, sun tan lotion etc – don’t double up – you’re not travelling on Noah’s Ark.

Wear your bulky clothes (your coat or jacket) on the plane – they’re a waste of valuable luggage space.

Finally, consider buying items at your destination. It may work out cheaper (i.e. you can use the weight allowance more wisely) to buy things when you arrive. And remember, if you forget anything - we deliver worldwide. If you’re a regular customer, shop with us (bookmark us now) and we’ll deliver straight to your hotel - in a matter of days.

So how do you pack and what to pack for a week away – to a destination that involves both business and leisure?

First of all start your checklist - pick a base colour and build your travel wardrobe around that. During cooler months – it may be navy, grey or black with lighter shades like stone or a paler blue coming into their own during the summer. Make sure your trousers, jackets, suits & shorts are all in this colour or in tonal shades. You’ll only need 2-3 trousers/shorts for a week-long break.


Your shirts, ties and polos should be complimentary to your chosen base colour. This is your chance to reflect your personality, your destination and what you’ll be doing – so it’s the perfect time to add some colour, to brighten things up a little.

Colourful mens shirts

Good quality clothing handles the burdens of travel better than cheap alternatives so buy the best you can afford. This is where an easy or non-iron finish comes into its own.

Mens formal shirts

Easy-care fabrics like linen-cotton blend shirts, jackets and suits – are ideal for warmer places – where laid-back is exactly the look you’re after.

Mens linen shirts

And remember - clothing with a little ‘stretch and give’ not only offers comfort but also tends to travel well and crease less.

Mens casual clothes

When it comes to shoes – think about what you’ll be doing – they take up a lot of room so be tough with yourself when it comes to inclusion on the list. Make sure the shoes you travel in are multi-purpose.

Now to the order of packing for a wheelie case:

*Place your shoes at the bottom and top sides – use the insides of the shoes for socks, belts etc and cover shoes in their protective covers or small carrier bags. This stops your clothes from getting marked. Use the space between shoes for solid objects like your wash bag & travel adaptors. Fill in the space with rolled underwear.

*On the wheeled sides, stack shirts and polos top to toe and intertwined, with collars raised (reduces creasing) and with every other button done up. Further up the case, roll t-shirts, jumpers and ties.

*Cover this layer with jeans, trousers or shorts, then a jacket folded in two with the collar visible. If you need to take a suit and there’s room – place it in its protective cover (if not, as is) and fold it in three over itself. Place a couple of folded, empty carrier bags on top – for returning dirty laundry or wet items.

*Zip up and lock up - not forgetting tickets and passport! Bon voyage!

*Not all of these items are now in stock*