Our outer packaging for all mailing items has been changed to a fully compostable and 100% recyclable paper bag. Product packaging is now plastic-free and fully decomposable. It’s made from potato starch, leaving behind no trace of plastic. We no longer use plastic clips or collar stands; they have been replaced by carefully designed recyclable card. We continue to work towards removing all plastic from every single piece of our packaging.

Our Fabrics

At Savile Row Company, we’re committed to a better and greener future. This starts by striving to improve our own sustainability performance. It influences everything we do — which includes the fabrics that we use to make our garments. From BCI cotton to recycled polyester and non-mulesed wool, we’re committed to using fabrics that are better for the planet and the people who produce them.

Our organic cotton nightwear and knitwear is crafted without harmful chemicals. In fact, it needs 62% less energy and 91% less water usage compared to conventional cotton. We used ocean-recycled plastic to make our latest outerwear styles — from puffer coats to quilted jackets and gilets — as well as our new men's swim shorts.


The factories we work with have been carefully vetted to ensure compliance with safety, health and quality standards for our products. Now part of the Savile Row Company family, we have nurtured long-term relationships with them to ensure our whole supply chain has the same ethics as we do: caring for people and the planet.

Each year we strive to improve on the last; constantly developing and creating new products, promoting equality and diversity, fair wages, good working conditions and refraining from harmful practises to animals. Working with such a wide range of suppliers — whether on a large industrial scale or small and traditional — gives us unique opportunities to engage and share our resources to create products that leave less impact on the world.