From dress shirts to casual shirts, discover the latest collection of men’s shirts. Choose from white shirts perfect for the office to Oxford shirts suitable for the weekend. Available in a wide range of styles and collar sizes.


  1. Red Linen-Blend Shirt - Model Shot - 1391RED Red Linen-Blend Shirt - 1391RED
    Red Linen-Blend Shirt
    2 SHIRTS £80
  2. White Navy Stripe Linen-Blend Shirt - Model Shot - 1392WHB White Navy Stripe Linen-Blend Shirt - 1392WHB
    White Navy Stripe Linen-Blend Shirt
    £29.95 £50
    2 SALE SHIRTS £50
  3. Multi Check Linen-Blend Shirt - Model Shot - 1394BRG Multi Check Linen-Blend Shirt - 1394BRG
    Multi Check Linen-Blend Shirt
    2 SHIRTS £80
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This selection of men's shirts will ensure you always look your best. From men's formal shirts to casual shirts, you'll find a perfectly curated range of classically British designs and styles to choose from. Whether you prefer long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts, there’s something to suit every occasion. You’ll find lightweight linen shirts that are great for summer, and a collection of non-iron shirts that are a popular choice for work (and save you precious minutes in the morning). If you’re looking for something classic, don’t miss our biggest ever collection of white shirts, including the finest dress shirts and everyday options that will ensure you are always well turned out. Shopping for a birthday or special occasion? For a unique gift, our personalised shirts are a great idea to show you really care. Whatever your sartorial preferences, you're sure to find a men's shirt to add to your collection.

How to Measure a Men's Shirt

The fit of your men's shirt plays a vital role in its overall appearance, which is why you need to know which measurements are most important and how to take them. To find your perfect shirt size, you'll need to measure your collar, sleeves and chest.

How to fold shirts?

To fold shirts, lay the shirt flat with the front facing down. Smooth out any wrinkles. Fold one side of the shirt across the back, about halfway between the shoulder and the sleeve. Then, fold the sleeve over the first fold, creating a rectangle shape. Repeat on the other side. Finally, fold the bottom of the shirt up to meet the collar, creating a neat and compact rectangle.

What shirts make you look slimmer?

Opt for men's shirts with vertical stripes or patterns, as they can create the illusion of a slimmer appearance by elongating the body. Darker colors, particularly solid ones like black or deep navy, tend to have a slimming effect too. Slim-fit shirts that follow your body's contours without being too tight can also help create a more streamlined silhouette.