Each one of our men’s shirts are made from the finest cotton, however not all of them use the same weave. Why? Different weaves create different characteristics – giving each shirt a unique quality and affecting how it looks and feels. Below is a guide to the weaves that we use on our formal and casual shirts:


Poplin is a smooth over and under weave that you’ll find used on many everyday formal shirts. Its closely-woven threads create a crisscross pattern that makes it particularly durable – yet it’s still lightweight and breathable.


This weave is characterised by small geometric patterns and subtle texture in the cloth. Shirts made from our textured cotton are less susceptible to wrinkles and offer a great balance of durability and quality.


Offering subtle texture and lustre, twill is woven with two threads that cross over and under each other to create a diagonal pattern. It’s slightly heavier than most other weaves, however, it’s also soft to touch and easy to iron.


Part of the ‘twill’ family, herringbone is a diagonal weave with a pattern resembling a reversing zigzag or the bones of a fish (which is where the name “herringbone” comes from). It boasts a smooth handle and a slight sheen.


Suitable for formal and smart-casual occasions, an Oxford shirt is made from a traditional basket weave fabric with interlinking warp and weft threads. It has a two-tone textured appearance that is hard-wearing and durable.

Linen Cotton Mix

Our men’s linen shirts have been expertly blended with cotton so that they’ll keep their shape for longer and are far less likely to crease. Lightweight and breathable, this fabric is the ideal choice for summer.


Pinpoint (also referred to as pinpoint Oxford) is similar to Oxford, however it generally has a higher thread count, and a lighter, finer weave. Durable and dressy, it is more formal than Oxford but less formal than poplin or twill.


Similar to poplin, the end-on-end weave uses two different coloured threads to create a subtly heathered texture. From a distance, an end-on-end shirt will look like it is a solid colour, however after looking closer you’ll notice its two-tone appearance.