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Contact Us: +44(0) 28 7939 5005

Suit Weights – What Do They Mean?

13 Jul, 2022 | Savile Row
So, you overheard those dapper fellows on Savile Row talking about how they’ve just invested in an 11oz three-piece and it sounded a little confusing, right? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us… To help translate their sartorial chatter, we’ve put together this handy guide explaining exactly what suit weights are and why they should matter when it comes to buying your next suit.

The Definition

This one is nice and easy: simply put, suit weights are quite literally there to tell you how much the fabric used on your suit weighs (typically shown in ounces).
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Why Does it Matter?

You may think that as long as it feels nice and looks good, you’ve found yourself the perfect suit. However, whilst by luck this could be true, these characteristics don’t exactly determine if your garment is a) good quality and b) suitable for what you want it for. Instead, you want to be looking a little more closely at how much your suit weighs – or more specifically, the weight of the fabric. By being aware of such information, you can ensure you are making a purchase that offers exactly what you’re after. Looking for a suit for a summer wedding? You’ll want something lightweight. Need to keep warm? Heavy fabrics are the answer.

The Options

Now you know why they are important, below we have listed the typical fabric weights available, as well as what type of season/occasion they are most appropriate for:
  • 7oz – 9oz: A lightweight suit that will help keep you cool in the heat. Ideal for summer or trips abroad (where warm weather is guaranteed).
  • 9.5oz – 11oz: Light to mid weight. Suitable for much of the year, in particular late spring or early autumn (the transitional seasons).
  • 11oz – 12oz: Mid weight. A must-have if you’re looking for a classic suit that can be worn at any time.
  • 12oz – 13oz: A heavier version of the mid weight suit. Great for keeping warm once the sun goes into hibernation.
  • 14oz – 19oz: The heaviest available. Though not very popular, it’ll come in handy when winter arrives.
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Final Word

If you’re looking at buying a new suit, you should now be equipped with enough knowledge to pick a design that will boast a fabric weight that caters to your needs. However, if you’re still not sure what to go for, our recommendation would be to choose the most versatile option: light to mid weight. Why? Although best suited for mild weather, not only can it be worn with other garments (i.e. a T-shirt or knitted roll neck) to adapt to colder/warmer climes, but because you’re investing in something that has a good thickness, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time. Shop our full range of men’s suits, online here.
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