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Contact Us: +44(0)28 7939 5005


Contact Us: +44(0) 28 7939 5005

Dressing up for a Night In

11 Mar, 2015 | Savile Row
In a world where, for most of us, relaxation time is at a high premium, the prospect of coming home after a hard days work, battening down the hatches and hunkering down up for a comfy night in is extremely pleasing. Especially if there’s a bottle of something fine to hand. Some good viewing to catch up on. The company of one’s nearest and dearest. A spot of soul-nourishing comfort food… And, of course, some outrageously comfortable loungewear to change into.

Entering a different world

Taking off the workwear and slipping into your favourite lounge pants with a T-shirt or casual top is like entering a different world. Parking the stresses and strains of the day at the door and settling down to relax and re-charge the batteries in a way that simply can’t be achieved anywhere but home.

A whole new style of dressing

While the debate about ‘staying in being the new going out’ has been rumbling along in the background over recent years, a whole new style of dressing for a special sort of indulgent staying in has emerged. Here at the Savile Row Company we’ve seen sales in men’s dressing gowns and lounge pants and soar. It’s a trend in which menswear has led the way – but we have it on good authority that this is an area where wives and girlfriends are more than happy to borrow from their menfolk.

Today’s loungewear all about luxurious comfort

Like the Victorian velvet smoking jacket or Noel Coward’s decadent silk pyjamas and robe, today’s loungewear is all about luxurious comfort. loungewear_dressing gown and lounge pant

And it’s safe to open the front door

Luxurious comfort plus a respectability that regular pyjamas simply don’t afford. So, yes, you can answer the door in loungepants to someone whom you wouldn’t wish to greet in your ‘sleepwear’ pyjamas. Like your mother-in-law, for example. Or the press maybe? Well, should the press just happen to come a knocking at your door, you’d be spared the embarrassment famously experienced by one Cherie Blair on that historic day in May 2007! Check out the full range of Savile Row Company nightwear.
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