Dressing appropriately for the occasion is always important, and this is especially true for funerals. For those attending, it is essential to show respect, and part of doing so requires getting dressed in suitable attire.

The sombre occasion should be represented through your clothing choices, showing sensitivity by keeping things simple with subdued tones and classic styles. This guide will help you find the perfect outfit, including the best funeral suit, shirt and accessories.

What to Wear to a Funeral

Although there are no hard and fast rules about what to wear to a funeral, wearing a suit is generally the best place to start. However, before making your final outfit choice, it is important to take two things into consideration: the type of service and the wishes of those that have organised it.

While the typical men’s funeral dress code includes a black suit, tie and white shirt, there are some circumstances where you might be required to wear something a little different. For example, some families may request a more casual approach to dressing, or ask that people wear bright clothing in celebration of the deceased’s life. If you’re in any doubt about any dress code that may be in place, it is always best to check with those organising the funeral, or speak to some of your friends or family that will also be attending.

Funeral Outfit Ideas for Men

Below are a list of basic outfit ideas that you could wear to a funeral. All outfits should be teamed with a pair of smart black shoes.

  • Black suit with white shirt and black tie
  • White shirt with black trousers and black tie
  • Black suit with white shirt
  • Charcoal suit with white shirt and black tie
  • Charcoal suit with white shirt

The Best Funeral Suit to Wear to a Funeral

A funeral is not the place to experiment with the dress code; unless, as mentioned above, you have been explicitly encouraged to wear something else. Conveying sympathy and respect should be your primary goal — so a simple black suit should be your number one choice. Alternatively, you could opt for a charcoal grey suit or dark navy. We find a classic two-button styles is most appropriate, with three-piece suits or double-breasted suits better suited to other formal events such as weddings.

The Best Shirts to Wear to a Funeral

  • White shirt
  • Black shirt
  • Grey shirt

When it comes to finding a shirt, keep it simple. A white formal shirt is the standard, but black is also an acceptable option. The cuffs should be single, not double (they could be seen as too ‘fancy’); and the collar in a classic style such as Windsor or cutaway. Above all else, your shirt should always be perfectly ironed.

The Best Accessories to Wear to a Funeral

Accessories aren’t essential, so you may wish to simply stick with a black suit and white shirt. However, for those that would like to accessorise their outfit, you should ensure they are subtle and kept to a minimum. A black or dark-coloured tie is the most popular accessory, while a white or black pocket square can add a tasteful finishing touch that shows respect for the occasion. If it’s sunny, you may want to take a pair of sunglasses; but make sure they are appropriately conservative and don’t forget to remove them once inside.

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