For some, working from home is the norm. For others, this new way of life is a shock to the system — leaving you with no idea what you should wear, and why your head hasn’t left the fridge. While we can’t help you with your out-of-control eating habits (although, we can confirm you’re not alone), we can give you some ideas on what you should put on in the morning.

Get Dressed

During these uncertain times, it can be easy to think that getting dressed is pointless. It’s not. At the very least you should be clothed. Why? Sure, you don’t need to impress anybody, but getting dressed can be one of the best ways to boost your mood and keep productivity levels high. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together the best attire for the job.

The Best Loungewear for Working From Home


The temptation to sink into the cosiness of your pyjamas can be overwhelming, but it’s important to be wearing something different to what you wore to bed. This doesn’t mean you can’t put on something comfortable, it just means you should have a clear divide between what you sleep in and what you wear for work. To strike the perfect balance between comfortable and presentable, team a pair of cotton lounge pants with a crew neck T-shirt and your favourite pair of slippers.

The Best Shirts for Working From Home


If impromptu Zoom meetings are likely, it pays to stay presentable — at least from the waist up. Make sure you have a few casual shirts at hand, and maybe even a tie if you have a weekly catch-up with the directors. For those that are used to a more casual office dress code, a classic polo shirt or knitted jumper will help you feel more at ‘home’.

The Best Trousers for Working From Home


When picking out your outfit for the day, your focus should be on pieces that balance form and function; and not many offer that happy medium like a pair of flat front chinos. They’re comfortable enough to wear while sitting down for long periods, but also wouldn’t look out of place during your lunchtime trip to the supermarket.

Top Tips for Working From Home


As well as wearing appropriate clothing, there are also a number of other things you should do to ensure a suitable working environment.

1. Daylight

Whether you set up shop in your back garden, sit by a window, or go for a lunchtime stroll, studies have shown that office workers exposed to more light are able to keep their biological clock on track — ensuring good sleep quality at night, and a better mood during the day.

2. Clear Your Space

To work efficiently, it’s important to create a calm atmosphere. Choose a dedicated workspace; somewhere you don’t usually relax (or sleep), and ensure it is clean, tidy and organised.

3. Stay Active

Too much time spent in the same four walls is not good for motivation levels. Make sure you take occasional breaks to move around. Exercise improves cognitive function, so it’s vital for your mental and physical health.

4. Plan Ahead

Just like you would if you are in the office, write down a daily schedule and put it in a visible place. By following a detailed to-do list, you can make sure you are doing everything you need to do before the end of the day.

5. Have the Right Tools

Before starting the day, pull together everything you need to complete the tasks at hand. A computer, phone, good WiFi, and an organised workspace are a given, but you may also need extra supplies such as a notepad, pens or sticky notes.

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