Winter wedding season is in full flow, and with it comes the tedious task of finding an outfit that strikes the right balance between function and style. Luckily, we’re on hand to help. Read on below to find out exactly what to wear to a winter wedding and how you can set yourself apart from the other gentlemen attending.

Outfit #1: Suit, Shirt and Tie

A pretty obvious choice, right? Correct. However, instead of reaching for the suit you wore throughout the autumn, at this time of the year you should be turning your attentions to a flannel suit. Why? Simply put, flannel insulates the body much better than other materials – allowing you to benefit from the extra warmth as well as being pristinely-dressed. To finish things off, team your new suit (we recommend navy) with a formal shirt, silk tie and timeless brown brogues.


Outfit #2: Jacket, Jumper, Shirt and Chinos

Unless you’re heading abroad for your winter wedding, cold weather in the UK is pretty much a given; therefore layering offers the ideal way to stay warm yet still look suave. To create your perfectly-layered look, we suggest pairing a herringbone jacket with a wool jumper, button-down shirt, chinos and Chelsea boots. If things get a little heated, simply remove a layer (stopping at the shirt, of course) until normal body temperature resumes.


Outfit #3: Three-Piece Suit, Shirt and Tie

Although a three-piece suit is an elegant choice all-year round, it really proves its worth once the winter chill arrives. How so? The welcome addition of a waistcoat not only gives your outfit some timeless character, but it provides an extra layer that offers some much-needed insulation. To complete the outfit, wear yours with a crisp white shirt, colourful tie and smart shoes.


Final Word

Whilst we’d love to tell you that you’ll be the only one wearing one of the winter wedding outfits above, the chances of that happening are highly unlikely. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to look individual. To give you a better chance of standing out from the crowd, the trick is to include some accessories. For starters, try adding a pocket square to your jacket chest pocket, or swap your silk tie for something knitted. By making subtle yet considered changes, you can begin to create a look that (hopefully) no one else is sporting.


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