It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting a lady for the first time or spending a romantic evening with your wife, deciding what to wear for a dinner date can be tricky terrain for any love-struck gentleman. To help, we’ve listed three different scenarios and put together the date outfits that would suit them best.

Fancy Restaurant

You’ve managed to secure a table for two at your favourite Michelin-starred hotspot, but you’re yet to pick out something decent to wear. Sound familiar? The trick to high-end dining is to keep it smart without going overboard. Sure, a tailored suit is acceptable, but opt for black or grey and you’ll look like you’ve come straight from the office and remove your silk tie. Instead, pair our navy flannel suit with a crisp formal white shirt and smart shoes; adding in a colourful pocket square for some extra personality.


Casual Dinner

If a cosy country pub is more your scene, a smart-casual look is going to be your first point of call. Ideally, you want to be impressive, but not too imposing. Suave but not too serious. Still with us? To achieve your happy medium, team a button-down casual shirt with some slim-fitting chinos and tan leather brogues. Not only will this outfit show you’ve made an effort, but it’ll prove you’re a gentleman who can easily dress for any occasion.


Spontaneous Date

Not sure where the night will take you? We’re guessing you’re a candid free spirt or immensely unprepared. Either way, we admire your bravery. To create an outfit that will be suitable regardless, we suggest pairing a classic herringbone jacket with a lambswool jumper, chinos and leather Chelsea boots. Adaptable yet undeniably stylish, this fail-safe ensemble is versatile enough to work in a cocktail bar if things progress, or the pub if it all goes pear-shaped.