Before simply tying your tie, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration. First of all, how formal or informal is the situation that you’re dressing for? Answering this question will influence the type of shirt that you pick out, and consequently the type of collar. The best approach to take when picking collar styles is really down to personal preference, as there are very few occasions that call for a specific collar style; more often than not, whatever you feel most comfortable in will usually look the best. Getting tie-knots right can be a little trickier, however, so we have taken it upon ourselves to offer a few simple guidelines to help you out.


This is the most common and versatile of all the various knots out there. It gives a relatively small and narrow, asymmetrical knot that suits pretty much all collar types. It may not be appropriate for very formal occasions, but generally speaking, this knot will take you anywhere. It looks good tied with any fabric, but we find that it works best when tied with a thicker, heavier fabrics.

Follow these step by step instruction to tie this tie knot:


Half Windsor

This is a very useful knot to have in your style-arsenal. It can be worn with loads of different collar styles to great effect, particularly the more classic shapes. With the knot being symmetrical, it’s very neat-looking and is great for making a subtly sophisticated impression. From our experience, it will turn out best when tied using a medium-weight fabric.



This knot isn’t one for the faint-hearted: it is thick, wide and triangular and is definitely a focal point of any outfit. Once mastered, it is a very handsome knot, but perhaps one to be saved for more of a statement piece, rather than worn to the office on a daily basis. Due to the size of it, the Windsor looks finest when worn with wider styles. We find it best to avoid using ties of a heavy fabric or too narrow a shape, as they won’t turn out well; pick a light or medium-weight fabric and a decent width to get the most out of this knot.