When you buy a suit, what are the first things you look out for? How it fits? The little details? What about construction? Whilst many of you may not initially take it into account, the construction of a suit plays a massive part in the overall quality of the garment. Luckily, our suits are fitted with a half-canvas chest piece, which – in comparison to entry price suits that are often fused – stops the suit from bubbling and falling unflatteringly over your body.


But what does all this mean?

As the name suggests, half-canvas suits have canvas horsehair material running through the chest and lapel of the jacket. This ensures structure in the upper part of the garment, allowing it to drape naturally across the chest – rather than appearing stiff and unsightly. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, over time this means the jacket will mould to the wearer’s body shape.

So why should you invest in a suit with half-canvas construction?

Well, not only do they look great, but because of the extra effort that has gone into making it, it’ll last longer too. Still not convinced? We’ll let our suits do the talking…