Do you dream of having a shirt made specifically for you and your body shape? Are you too busy to visit your tailor or frightened of spending a fortune? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then our made-to-measure service could be for you.

Using our step-by-step videos and fail-safe written instructions, you can create the perfect shirt – with plenty of fabrics, collar, cuffs and buttons, you really are spoilt for choice. All you need is a tape measure and a helpful friend. To make things even easier, we’ve highlighted our top tips for creating the seamless bespoke shirt.

TIP 1: Choose Wisely

By running through a few things in your mind first, you can save yourself some precious time and money. In particular, giving thought to where and when you will wear your shirt, will allow you to get maximum wear out of your new purchase; choosing a shirt that can be worn to multiple occasions is going to be much better than buying something you’ll only wear the once.

Once this has been decided, you’ll want to pick your colour. We have a wide range available, from the classic white shirt, to more colourful options such as pink or blue. When making this decision, bear in mind your skin and complexion. Paler colours tend to work better with fair skin tones, whereas deeper colours flatter darker complexions.

In terms of fabric, think about your needs and what the weather is going to be like when wearing it. For instance, the durability and softness of an Oxford shirt makes it ideal for summer, whilst a poplin shirt – due to its easiness of ironing – is perfect for guys on the go.

TIP 2: Style it for the occasion

The impact of the look of your made-to-measure shirt is highly dependable on the front and whether or not is has a placket. When deciding your preference, there are three options available: no placket, placket or fly front. For casual looks, we would suggest the former, whist the latter is best for dressing up.


TIP 3: Personalise Your Cuffs

When selecting the style of your cuffs, there are multiple options available. The first step is to decide whether you want a single button cuff or a French cuff. Next, is to choose between one or two buttons, and finally whether you want a square, round or mitred cuff. There are no rules as to which one you chose, however the single button cuff is seen as more relaxed, whereas the French is better paired with a suit.

TIP 4: Know Your Collars

Whilst it’s common to overlook the shirt collar, this is actually one of the most important parts of the garment. After all, the collar is a shirt’s most standout feature, so a poor choice could lead to being labelled style-inept. To ensure you make the right choice, we suggest considering two things: the shape of your face, and whether you’ll be wearing a tie. Cutaway collars best suit long and slimmer faces, whilst a pointed collar will look best on those with a rounder shape. For those going tieless, choose something that will stand proudly on its own; such as the point or button-down.

TIP 5: Pick Your Pocket

Whilst pockets often exist for functional reasons, they also improve things aesthetically. As always, when deciding whether or not to add one to your shirt, we recommend taking into consideration when you will be wearing it. For example, if you’re planning on attending a black tie event, a pocket is a no go. However, if you’re on the search for a casual shirt to improve your off-duty wardrobe, a pocket will always be welcome. To mix things up, add one to a traditional business shirt to give it a contemporary twist.


TIP 6: Button Up

Buttons play a big part in the appearance of your shirt, and our Made-to-Measure service allows you to understate or emphasise such features. You can opt for something classic such as off-white, or be a little adventurous with coloured thread. Whatever you chose, tailoring the buttons to your tastes will ensure your shirt is unlike anything you’ll find in the shops.


TIP 7: Add Trimmings

For those looking for something different, adding trimming is a great option. Whilst it’s important not to go overboard, including some subtle trim offers a great way to set your shirt apart from the rest. This particular alteration is popular on white shirts, helping to disguise any unexpected stains from everyday wear. If you decide to go for a contrast collar and cuff trims, don’t forget to choose a matching tie.

Tip 8: Make it Your Own

Finally, make your made-to-measure shirt unique to you with our personalised monogramming. Simply choose your preferred style of lettering, thread colour and initials, and we’ll take care of the rest.