If you want a business shirt with the ultimate smooth, body-hugging silhouette, the answer is to choose one that’s impeccably cut – and contains a tiny and totally invisible touch of stretch fibre.

Stretch fibre in super smart business shirts. It sounds novel, doesn’t it?

When you mention elastane in clothes most people’s first thought is of Lycra® in sportswear. Shiny, either black or vibrant-coloured, and great for the gym. Cycling shorts or skinny jeans, maybe. Not fine, soft, breathable cotton poplin shirts as white as driven snow and perfect for the smartest office.

But there’s some highly sophisticated technology out there. So just the right amount of stretch fibre (5% to be precise) can now be integrated – completely seamlessly – into the finest of fine cotton shirting.

The result?

Here’s our extra slim fit white stretch poplin shirt


The stretch is multi-directional. You move and your shirt moves. But it retains its perfect smoothness. So you get that amazing – and amazingly comfortable – fit all day long. And, of course, your colleagues get to admire your gym-toned body!

Extra slim fit shirts are increasing in popularity with every season, but this is the first time we’ve offered a business shirt with a dash of stretch in it. And it’s been a bit of a sensation.

Check it out here and keep your eyes peeled for more in seasons to come!