The art of dressing like a gentleman isn’t as hard as you may think. Sure, there’s a few things you need to learn, but simply follow our five-step guide and you’ll be looking your best in no time at all.  

Build Up Your Basics

The secret to any successful wardrobe is a solid foundation of basics, and whilst there are many to choose from, a select few should be your priority. To get started, we suggest investing in a white shirt, navy suit, chinos and tan brogues. Not only will these versatile pieces work well together, but once worn with some of your other everyday favourites, they’ll serve you through an average week and beyond.

Get the Fit Right

It’s all well and good having bundles of nice clothes, but if none of them fit right, it’s really just a waste of time. To avoid making such blunders, you’ll want to ensure garments are fitted – not too tight or baggy. Striking up a good relationship with your local tailor is always a good idea, as they can make extra alterations to anything that may need it. For tips on how a suit should fit, take a look at this post from our archives.

Dare to Accessorise

The easiest and most effective way to set yourself apart from others is to accessorise; the addition of a silk tie or vibrant pocket square can instantly take your formal ensembles to the next level. Be careful though, go overboard and you run the risk of ruining your whole look. Stick to two or three accessories per outfit and watch the compliments roll in.

Find a Great Suit

Let’s face it, every man looks better in a suit – unless it doesn’t fit (see above). However, choosing the right one is a little trickier. For a fail-safe option that is suitable for endless occasions, we suggest opting for a two-button, single breasted suit in navy or grey. Timeless and effortlessly elegant, they will instantly improve your everyday appearance.


Choose Quality

When buying new clothes, make it count. If you’re going to purchase a new suit, shoes, or anything else for that matter, be sure you are spending your money on something that is well made. Not only will you be investing in something that looks and feels better, but it’ll last far longer too. Where can you find such excellence? Simply shop our latest suits, online now.