Whether you’re fed up of feeling the chill on your morning commute or looking to add character to your cold-weather collection, investing in a scarf (or two) would prove a seriously savvy move. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your new favourite accessory, allow us to show you the five best ways to tie a scarf.

The Drape

Simple yet effortlessly elegant, the drape is perhaps better at improving your outfit than keeping you warm. To get the look, (as the name implies) simply drape the scarf over your neck — equal lengths on each side — and you’re good to go.



Offering medium warmth and a relaxed aesthetic, the once-around is perfect for smart-casual ensembles. Start by draping a scarf around your neck — ensuring one end is longer than the other — then take the long end and bring it back around.



Suitable for casual and formal outfits, the over-hand provides good protection from the cold and works with the majority of scarf lengths. To achieve the desired knot, drape the scarf around your neck and make one end longer than the other. Next, take the long end, cross it over the shorter end and bring it under and through the opening. Pull on both ends until you are satisfied.

Parisian Knot

Easy on the eye, the Parisian knot is both classic and classy. It can be created by folding your scarf in half (widthways), then folding it in half again (lengthways). Drape it over your neck and then bring the loose ends through the opening formed by the folded end. Tighten the scarf and there you have it.


Reverse Drape Tuck

Not as common as some of the others mentioned, this knot works best with longer scarfs. Start by draping the scarf around your neck, ensuring one end is longer than the other. Continue by taking the long end and looping it once around your neck, then with the same end, tuck it through the loop you have just formed. Grab the other side and tuck it through the same loop; adjusting if necessary.


Final Word

Now you know the best ways to tie a scarf, all that’s left to do is find yourself a new one. As luck would have it, we have a range of men’s cashmere scarves that are sure to satisfy your sartorial needs.