The short sleeve shirt has received some pretty negative reviews over the years – unfairly so in our opinion. True, worn incorrectly, it could get pretty messy, but get it right and it can become your ultimate warm-weather companion. To help steer you towards the latter, we’ve highlighted three simple yet effective tips that every modern man should know.

Get the Fit Right

Whilst some fashions may say otherwise, we’re a firm believer in keeping it classic. To achieve a timeless, flattering look, we suggest wearing your shirt slim but not too tight. Allow the seams of the shoulder to hit right at the shoulder bone and ensure you can button the neck comfortably without too much of a gap. The chest shouldn’t pull when moving, and most-importantly, the sleeves should fit close to your biceps without popping out excessively at an angle.


Find the Best Colour

If you already know what colours suit you best, then choose your shirt accordingly. For those that need a little help, listen up… Brighter colours such as yellow or turquoise look best on darker skin, whilst blue would complement a lighter complexion. For a fail-safe option, a black or white design would work well on pretty much anyone.


Style It Properly

When it comes to styling your short-sleeved shirt, the rules are somewhat relaxed. Having said that, it’s vital to keep the term ‘smart-casual’ in mind. Steer clear of overly casual pieces such as jogging bottoms and resist pairing it with anything too formal. For a faultless ensemble, team yours with chinos or shorts and summer-ready footwear such as boat shoes and loafers.