You’ve purchased a new tailored suit . It looks great, but you have no idea whether you should remove the stitching that seems to have been left in random places. Guess what? You’re not alone. In fact, there’s a surprisingly large percentage of men who fail to remove labels and stitching from their new piece of tailoring. To ensure you’re not one of them, we’ve put together this handy guide highlighting the suit stitching mistakes you should be sure to avoid.


Whilst nowadays the baste stitching on the shoulders doesn’t serve any real purpose, once upon a time it was used by tailors when fitting a suit on the spot. To get rid of it, slowly cut through the middle of a stitch and then pull the remaining thread away gently with your fingers.


Back Vent

See those two small threads in the shape of an X on the back of your suit jacket? They need to go. Why are they there in the first place? They’re actually used to prevent wrinkles during shipping. To remove them, simply snip the stitching and make sure there are no bits left behind.


No matter how much you love the brand that made your tailored suit, the label stitched onto the cuff should never remain intact. It’s simply there as an ID-ing method for warehouse workers or shop staff looking to locate a certain size. Take it off carefully with a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper.


Although no one will actually know you’ve done it, removing the stitching on pockets is advised. While it’s not a necessity, doing so will give you a little more storage for any (light and small) daily essentials. After all, it was only put in place to momentarily keep the jacket’s pristine shape.