Tying the perfect knot to a necktie is a skill that every gentleman needs to know. There are numerous ways to tie your knot depending on your face shape, collar type, shirt style, occasion; the list goes on. However, we at Savile Row have narrowed it down to our preferred two styles that are versatile and easy to master!

1. The Four-in-Hand Knot

The Four-In-Hand knot, also known as the school boy knot, is the champion of necktie knots. Simple, easy to tie and versatile hence it is the most common of knots. It is an asymmetrical one that’s relatively small and narrow, it suits if not all, then most collar types. It can also be worn almost anywhere, with a few exceptions in very dressy occasions.


2. The Half-Windsor

The Half-Windsor knot, and our favourite, is the second most popular one. This one is also very versatile. Unlike the Four-in-Hand knot, this one produces a more even knot which is moderately thicker and is particularly good for all collar shapes. If tied correctly, it produces a small dimple in the middle giving it a subtle sophisticated impression. Again, it can be worn to most if not all occasions. This one tends to work especially well with printed ties where the tie knot appears thinner in comparison to a woven silk tie that produces a slightly thicker knot.


If you want step-by-step instructions on how to tie either of these knots; look no further than this blog post.