The short sleeve shirt has not always had the best reputation. But that's in the past, and we're not here to talk about that. Instead, we are going to tell you why it's a must-have for summer.

Why Wear a Short Sleeve Shirt?

An essential piece in any warm-weather wardrobe, the short sleeve shirt is the perfect choice for semi-formal occasions. Not only will it keep your temperature down, but it helps retain an aura of put-togetherness without making you feel uncomfortable in the heat. This is something that can be hard to achieve with other short-sleeved garments such as a polo shirt or tee.

To help highlight the credentials of a short sleeve shirt, below we've listed three ways to wear it successfully:

How to Wear a Short Sleeve Shirt to Work

Short sleeve formal shirts are the best way to stay cool in the office without compromising on style or smartness. However, to ensure you don't end up looking too casual, it's important to keep the style of the shirt classic — avoiding playful patterns and anything too bold. A crisp white short sleeve shirt would make a sensible choice, while a striped version is better for those wanting to make more of an impact. Once you've chosen the right design, team yours with some chinos or trousers and a pair of smart leather shoes.

If you're heading to an important meeting, you can wear your short-sleeved shirt with a tie and suit (as long as you keep the jacket on). That way, you'll give the impression that you're wearing a classic formal shirt underneath, but you'll benefiting from the coolness of a short sleeve style.

How to Wear a Short Sleeve Shirt on Holiday

There's no better place to wear a short sleeve shirt than on holiday. Whether you're heading to lunch or evening drinks, it'll help you look smart while avoiding the sweating you may get from its heavier, long-sleeved counterpart. To achieve a casual look, trying wearing a checked version undone with a crew neck T-shirt, shorts and trainers. For more formal occasions, opt for solid-coloured design with chinos and suede shoes.

How to Wear a Short Sleeve Shirt at the Weekend

Wearing a short sleeve at the weekend doesn't come with many rules. In fact, you're pretty much free to choose any style you like. If you're in a need of a bit of inspiration, we suggest taking the chance to wear something with pattern. Teamed with shorts or chinos, a patterned short sleeve shirt is an excellent option for family gatherings or Sunday lunch with friends.

Top Tips for Wearing a Short Sleeve Shirt


Find the Perfect Fit

As with any shirt, it's important to find one that fits. Your short sleeve shirt should be tailored across the chest and body, as well as in sleeve length and width. It shouldn't be too baggy, nor too tight.

Choose the Right Fabric

Short sleeve shirts come in a range of fabrics. Linen and seersucker styles are more casual and best worn in the hottest weather. Whereas classic cotton designs, using Oxford or poplin weaves, are generally heavier and smarter, so are better for formal occasions such as work or weddings.

Find Your Colour

Bright or pastel colours such as yellow will look great on darker skin, but can make paler skin look washed out. White and black are safe options for everyone, as are blue and grey. Whatever colour you choose, make sure it complements the rest of your outfit.

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