With summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to roll up your shirt sleeves and treat your arms to some fresh air. However, before you get ahead of yourself, take some time out to master our three favourite sleeve-folding methods below.

The Basic Roll

Things getting a little heated in the office? Start by unbuttoning your cuff and all buttons on your sleeves. Next, flip your cuff back and inside out, and then continue to fold back until you reach just above your elbow.

The Casual Roll

Ideal for smart-casual ensembles, the casual roll will give your look an effortless finishing touch. To begin, unbutton your shirt cuff and all buttons, and then flip the cuff back and inside out. Next, make a fold so that your cuff hides behind a band of sleeve fabric – stopping below the elbow and tucking the corner of your cuff in neatly.

The Italian Roll

Understated but noticeable at the same time, the Italian roll will work with both casual and men's formal shirts. To create it, unbutton your cuff and flip it back – pulling it back until you hit just below your elbow. Finish by taking the bottom of the inside-out sleeve and fold it up while leaving some of the shirt cuff on show.