Dressing to impress is not as easy as it sounds as there are certain things you should wear and specific ways in which you should wear them too. Unsure about how to tie a tie the right way? Maybe you need some advice on how to wear your shirt or trousers correctly. Well, worry no more because Savile Row are here to help as we are about to reveal our top 10 tips on how to dress like a gentleman.

1. Get the correct suit size (know your measurements)

Before you purchase a suit, it’s very important to measure yourself to ensure that it fits you perfectly. You must make sure that the jackets’ shoulders are neither too big nor too small, and that the sleeves are comfortable for you when you lift your arms up (too tight and it puts undue pressure on the seams) No one wants a jacket that’s too long or too short for them, do they? You can avoid this by doing the following things when you try it on; start by relaxing your arms down by your side, then curl your fingers round the hem , the jacket should come to rest right in the crevice your fingers have made. You’ll know that the jacket is too long if it bunches up and too short if it doesn’t reach the crevice.

2. Wear your suit and don’t let it wear you

Having your pockets bulging with too many bulky items distorts the fabrics and puts unnecessary wear on your suit. This isn’t a good look if you’re trying to dress like a gentleman as it takes away the style and class. We’re not saying that you need to leave your valuables at home as that would be ridiculous, but it’s all about knowing where to store it all. Take any unnecessary items out of your wallet to make it thinner and then place it in one of your breast pockets. Your mobile phone can go in the other breast pocket and any other small items such as keys can go in your inside pockets. Don’t carry unnecessary keys as these can be really bulky. Whatever you do, don’t let your suit wear you!


3. Jacket buttons

Do you get confused about which buttons you should do up and which ones you should leave undone on your jacket? Doing the wrong buttons up is an easy mistake to make so we are going to put an end to the mix-up for you now. If your jacket has three buttons, the middle one should always be buttoned up and the bottom one should never be buttoned up. The top one doesn’t have to be done up but we advise that you do. However, if your jacket has two buttons, you must wear only the top button done up. Finally only unbutton it when you sit down.


4. Get the length of your trouser just right

It’s quite simple really. All you need to do is check that they cover half of the shoe at the back. Ankle swingers aren’t the best look and neither are trousers that drag along the floor so by checking that they come down to the right place on your shoe, your trousers will be the perfect length.


5. Learn how to wear your shirt correctly

Now that you know how to get the length of your trousers right, it’s time to move onto your shirt. There’s a bit more to this so take careful note. Firstly, the sleeve cuff should cover the wrist reaching the bottom of the thumb and when worn with a jacket, you should be able to see at least half an inch of shirt cuff below the jacket wrist. Added onto that, the tips of the collar should sit against the body of the shirt. Lastly, always remember that a good quality shirt will last many washes, often getting better over time so choose wisely.


6. A tie

Ties are great way of representing how you’re feeling that day and you can be as bold, colourful and as crazy as you like with them. When picking out a tie for yourself, it’s important to check the quality of it first and the best way of doing this is to handle it. Feeling the material will give you a good idea of the quality and lining used which all contributes to how it will knot. When knotted, the tip of your tie should be in the middle of your belt and it should be pulled tight so that there is no gap at the top where the tie meets the collar opening. The most commonly used knot is the four-in-hand style as it suits most collar shapes and is relatively easy to knot. Why don’t you add a special touch by putting a small dimple in it? - it will give it more style and class.


7. Pay attention to detail

This is the secret into looking your best. Try adding a pocket square to complete your outfit. If you want to go that extra mile, a silver tie pin will contribute perfectly to your classy, sophisticated look.


8. Go for Good quality

Good quality clothes not only look much better, but they will also last much longer. If you invest in clothes that are of a high quality, over time, you will bring together a wardrobe that is individual to you.


9. Shoes & Socks

The shoes you wear with a suit should be brogue or semi-brogue and must be polished with real shoe polish every day to make them as shiny as possible (almost to military standards). You shouldn’t wear them for 2 days running and we advise that you put shoe trees in to keep the shape at the end of each day. In terms of the socks that you wear, you must ensure that they’re not too loud but also make sure that they match the trouser colour and not the shoe colour. Finally, you need to have them long enough so that you don’t show any leg.


10. Care

There’s nothing worse than a creased shirt that has lost its colour so make sure you know your clothing care symbols. Note; if it says Dry Clean only it is done for a very good reason. Your clothes should always be clean and pressed in order to present yourself in the best way possible.

Now that you know all of the top tips, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect suit for yourself today and use this guide to help you dress like the gentleman that you are.