We know our shirt customers have always liked to be a bit different!

We’ve been making shirts for men who relish a subtle point of difference for many a decade now.

No bumping into a colleague wearing the same shirt

Being a small, high-end, family-run business, we’ve always produced all our garments in small numbers compared with many outfitters. So our customers know that they’re not going to bump into colleagues wearing the same shirt – as might happen if they bought on the high street.

And, as conventions and business dress codes have relaxed over the years, so the opportunities for doing one’s own thing without putting so much as a toe out of line have dramatically increased.

If you stop and think about it…

The terms ‘white collar’ and ‘blue collar’ are still in the national lingo from the days when white collars were de rigeur for all self-respecting professionals. But today the city is teaming with high-powered blue-shirted executives.

Our future king is to be seen performing royal duties in shirts of many hues.

And would-be prime ministers have been known to go about their official business tie-less.

What this means for you

So if you love to go to town and distinguish yourself sartorially, you can now go much further than extending the range of colours in your shirt wardrobe and leaving the tie at home…

Hence our limited edition collections of recent seasons

We’ve let our creative juices run free in the past few seasons and designed some original limited edition formal shirts – which we know you’ve loved because they’ve flown off the shelves. (And one or two of you have felt inspired to write to us saying nice things about them!)

This season we’ve fused the finest traditional herringbone weaves with innovative colour blocking and contrast trimming – to create four limited edition shirts that each quietly make a pleasingly strong, sophisticated statement.


Not all of these items are now in stock.

The secret of the wow factor

We believe that the secret of the wow factor lies in the fusion of luxury tailoring with totally unexpected details like fine contrast placket piping. With that clever, oh-so-subtle little touch of contrast colour running down the front of your shirt you’re going to look immaculately turned out without a tie. Pop some cufflinks on your cuffs for even more panache.

Elevate a casual outfit

Wearing one of these limited edition formal shirts with jeans, of course, is a wonderfully easy way of instantly elevating your look for those casual occasions when you want to cut a bit of a dash.

And then, when it comes to genuinely casual occasions…

We’ve got some exciting limited edition casual shirts for you to choose from.

Again, we’ve taken the current trend for mixing different colours and patterns, given it the Savile Row Company treatment – and created a very small number of strikingly original shirts.


Not all of these items are now in stock.

Over to you who love to be different. We hope you’ll enjoy indulging your individuality!