With winter comes the inevitable farewell to the beloved garments you have grown attached to during the warmer months of the year. However, whilst we’re reluctantly forced to wave goodbye to our shorts and sun cream, is it really time to pack away those linen shirts?

The Answer

Unfortunately, it is. Lightweight, resilient and highly breathable, there’s really no better option for keeping cool in the summer sun. But for sub-zero temperatures? Forget it. Unless you’d like to freeze to death.

The Exception

For gentlemen in the UK, it can be hard to imagine January without rain, sleet, hail or snow; for others, winter warmth is reality. If you’re one of those lucky enough to be basking in sunshine whilst the rest of us are struggling to keep our umbrellas intact – good news is, you can wear linen shirts in winter.

What Linen Shirts to Wear

Mens linen shirts selection

Linen Shirts Coming Soon

For those who have to wait a little longer for sunnier times, keep your spirits high by taking a sneak peek at what we have arriving in March (as part of our SS18 collection):


Perfect for days at the beach, our light blue linen shirt is guaranteed to improve any new-season repertoire. Once you’ve found your sunglasses, we suggest trying yours with some chinos shorts and summer-ready footwear.


Stylish and extremely versatile, a white linen shirt is a classic option that will work with a variety of smart-casual looks. Finished with a button-down collar, we think ours would pair perfectly with classic chinos and leather Chelsea boots.


Decorated with grey and white stripes, this short-sleeved linen shirt is a must-have for anyone looking to enliven their new-season wardrobe. Need some style inspiration? We found it looks particularly dashing teamed with some tailored shorts.