Lounge suits are an essential part of any well-rounded wardrobe. Whether you work in the city or have been invited to a wedding, they’re the perfect choice for making the right impression.

What is a Lounge Suit?

Historically, the lounge suit was worn at home by middle to upper class gentlemen during Victorian times, as a relaxed alternative to the frock coat that would have been worn throughout the day. Nowadays, the lounge suit is nothing more than the traditional suit you would wear to the office or an event, outside of black tie.

What is the Lounge Suit Dress Code?

Much of the confusion surrounding the lounge suit comes from invitations received with ‘lounge suit’ stated as the dress code. Simply put, this is translates to:

A smart suit (with matching jacket and trousers)

It’s not:

  • A dinner suit or casual jacket and trousers.

What are the Different Types of Lounge Suit?


Lounge suits come in many different forms; it can be two-piece, three-piece, single-breasted or double-breasted. Here we have highlighted some of the key lounge suit styles for men:

Grey Lounge Suit

Timeless and adaptable, the grey suit is a fail-safe choice for both formal and semi-formal occasions. It can be worn year-round, but we find lighter styles are better suited to summer, while charcoal grey suits are best for the winter months.

Navy Lounge Suit

Every gentleman should own a navy suit. Not only is it effortlessly smart, but it’s extremely versatile too. This colour and style of suit is so classic, it will never go out of fashion and will remain in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Double-Breasted Lounge Suit

The perfect choice for evening events or important business meetings, this style of suit is a must-have for those looking for something more daring than a navy or grey suit. To really make a statement, we suggest taking a look at our eye-catching pinstripe design.

Three-Piece Lounge Suit

The three-piece suit is often seen as the dressy alternative to classic two-piece styles — proving a popular option for weddings and evening events such as an awards dinner. You’ll want to go for darker colours like navy or charcoal grey, while trying to avoid black unless it’s for a funeral.

When to Wear a Lounge Suit


Emphasising reliability and confidence, the lounge suit is most commonly used for business — particularly for men who work in an office. However, due to the versatility of the modern suit, it has now become an adaptable garment that can be worn more casually for weddings or weekend lunches. Below we have listed three different occasions and the lounge suits that could be worn for those attending:

The Best Lounge Suits for Weddings

The most sensible choice for any type of wedding would be the navy suit. Teamed with a classic white shirt and silk tie, it will never look out of place. Alternatively, for summer weddings you could go with a linen suit, or choose lighter colours such as light grey, while winter weddings can be the best time to wear three-piece designs in dark blue or charcoal.

The Best Lounge Suits for Work

If your office dress code insists on dressing formally, you would be best to stick to a classic two-piece lounge suit in navy or grey — pairing them with a solid coloured shirt and patterned silk tie. For those that are given a little more freedom, take a look at patterned lounge suits such as our timeless windowpane check design.

The Best Lounge Suits for Lunch

Wearing a suit to lunch doesn’t have to look too formal. Instead, opt for lounge suits that are lighter in colour and texture. You will also want to keep the rest of the outfit more relaxed — losing the tie and swapping a formal shirt for a casual button-down style.

Shop our full range of men’s lounge suits, or alternatively take a look at the three suits every man should have in his wardrobe.