St Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration which is held on March 17th every year. It’s a day where people come together and remember the Patron saint of Ireland.

Dressing in green and wearing shamrocks is an Irish tradition which is upheld on this day. As well as that, parties and carnivals featuring Irish food and drinks are part of this happy celebration too.

You don’t necessarily have to be Irish to celebrate St Patricks day as people all over the world now celebrate it. Maybe you’re keen on the idea of a shamrock bringing you luck. If you are someone who celebrates St Patrick’s day or is looking for some luck, we have the perfect lucky charm for you here at Savile Row.

Like last year, we are bringing back our stunning shamrock embroidery. All you have to do is select your preferred shirt and we’ll embroider a shamrock on the hem of it. Not only will it give you good luck, it will also give your shirt that extra uniqueness and personality. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up one from us today in preparation for the big celebration.

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