Now, there’s nothing we like more than making clothes for men, but sometimes our minds wander and we daydream about making clothes for someone else. And what better challenge could there be for our tailors than making something stylish for someone with four legs, rather than two? So, we thought it would be fun to take our tailoring expertise and see if we could translate it to dogs to give them the dapper treatment. We think it worked out pretty well.

Our tailors spent a while testing which measurements they would need in order to create a shirt pattern and we tested this on a number of different dogs. Surprisingly, the dogs were a lot more cooperative than many of our human customers, though our typical clientele tend to lick our tailors’ faces a little less.


In total we took 10 different measurements from each dog in order to create our made to measure patterns.


We had a few test runs on different dog sizes before we selected our final dogs for the photo shoot. Alas, the chihuahua was just a little too small (and it kept chewing on the collar) and the St Bernhard required so much material, we’d have only been able to make one shirt. And obviously we couldn’t use the dalmatian because, as you know, you shouldn’t mix spots and stripes. The competition was more intense than a trip to the V-E-T.

Once we chose the dogs who looked the best in our shirts, we chose the fabrics we thought would best suit their colouring and added additional styling details such as contrast collars and monogramming. Each dog had one fitting to make sure the shirts fitted them!

All the shirts were cut by hand and made by our experienced tailoring team in the UK, and the dogs had more fun than you could shake a stick at throw a stick for. Next up, they’ll be making trousers for octopuses… (only joking).