Easy to wear and care for, the non-iron shirt has become the essential foundation for every business outfit—saving you precious minutes in the morning and helping you look your best from day to night. This guide tells you everything you need to know about non-iron shirts, including washing advice and answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Is a Non-iron Shirt?

As the name suggests, a non-iron short requires no ironing, which is why it has become a popular choice for those who want to eradicate the mundane task from their daily rituals. But avoiding that chore is only part of what the non-iron shirt offers. Not only does it give you a little longer in bed, but it remains wrinkle-free throughout the day—ensuring you look as smart at clocking off time as you did when you left the house.

Savile Row Company Non-iron Shirts

Our non-iron shirts are 100% cotton. We use a variety of weaves, from the finest poplin to the most luxurious twill. Better yet, they look and feel exactly the same as all the other luxurious shirts in our collection. The only difference? They don’t need ironing.

Benefits of a Non-Iron Shirt

Not only are our non-iron shirts fine, soft and breathable, they’re also less prone to wrinkling throughout the course of the day. So, come clock-off time (when your colleagues’ shirts may be looking a touch creased and crumpled), yours will remain as smooth as it was first thing in the morning.

How Do Non-iron Shirts Work?

They are made using a high-temperature process with special resins that stabilise the fibres within the shirt fabric. This method helps to create a lasting, crease-free finish, and imparts the final and permanent non-iron properties to the shirts.

What Material Are Non-iron Shirts?

Just like the rest of our formal shirts, the non-iron styles are made from super soft cotton using a variety of weaves — from the finest poplin to luxury twill. This means they look and feel exactly the same, but without the need for ironing.

Does Ironing a Non-iron Shirt Ruin It?

Although no ironing is required, it certainly won’t ruin the garment. In fact, for an extra sharp look, we always recommend giving your shirt a quick press.

How Do You Wash a Non-iron Shirt?

Washing a non-iron shirt is simple. First, remove the collar stays and wash at 40°C. Stick to a slow spin, as you will need to keep the fabric slightly damp. You should then hang your shirt and leave it to dry.

Should You Tumble Dry Non-iron Shirts?

In short yes, but not for too long. Five to 10 minutes should do the trick. Over the years, washing machines have become more efficient. Clothing is now cleaned more thoroughly — even when washed at lower temperatures. They also come out dryer, and as a result, more creased. This means that your shirt should be taken out of the machine as soon as possible after the washing cycle finishes. This is to make sure that the creases don’t set. The purpose of the quick tumble, is to shake them out. Drying on a low heat can also help activate the non-iron properties.

Do Non-Iron Shirts Make You Sweat More?

While we can’t promise all non-iron shirts are the same, ours do not make you sweat any more than a regular shirt would. This is because we use quality 2 ply yarns, which offer optimum breathability and give them a beautifully soft feel.

How Long Do Non-iron Shirts Last?

After around 15/18 washes, the non-iron properties will have started to fade, but they won’t disappear. Your shirt won't require ironing, but it may not look as pristine as it once was.

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