No matter how you like to dress or what you do for work, sometimes only a suit will do. But how many suits does a man need? For us, the magic number is three. Whether you’re at a wedding, job interview or business event, these are the men’s suits that will never let you down.

The Navy Suit

An impeccably tailored navy suit is one of the few pieces every man should have in his wardrobe. A timeless staple, it is the most versatile tailoring choice you can own — serving you just as well at the office as it will at the next family wedding or special celebration. A simple, single-breasted design is best, as this can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

What Do You Wear With a Navy Suit?

What you choose to wear with a navy suit will be determined by the reason you’re wearing it. For formal events, a white or pale blue shirt is a great choice, teamed with a patterned silk tie and Derby shoes. If you’re occasion is more casual, a crew neck T-shirt or roll neck jumper would work well with loafers or Chelsea boots. Although tan is often the colour of choice when it comes to shoes, such is the versatility of a navy blue suit that you needn't shy away from other colours such as black or burgundy.

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The Grey Suit

A mainstay in any gentleman’s formalwear, the grey suit is just as versatile as its navy counterpart, however is more associated with business; often viewed as the go-to option when blue may be viewed as a little too relaxed. For this reason, the grey suit is perfect for job interviews or important meetings — but won’t look out of place for after-work drinks. If you’re a man who wears suits often, you may want to invest in two grey suits. A lighter style for summer months, and charcoal for the winter.

What Do You Wear With a Grey Suit?

Grey suits can be worn in a very similar way to navy suits. They work well with a range of shirt colours — including white, pale blue and pink — and also look great with patterned or printed styles. They can be dressed up with formal accessories or made more casual with T-shirts or knitwear. Black, dark brown or burgundy shoes can all be teamed with a grey suit, although if your suit is light grey, we suggest sticking to black.

The Black Suit

Somewhat underrated, the black suit is far more versatile than you may think. From dinner parties to job interviews and funerals, few suits are more dependable. It’s elegant, simple and easy to wear, and can be switched from super formal to urban cool with just a few simple garment changes. As with all suits in this guide, a classic, single-breasted style will get you maximum wear.

What Do You Wear With a Black Suit?

A white shirt is the obvious choice when it comes to wearing a black suit, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. A cream or pale grey shirt can make great alternatives, while a crew neck T-shirt will take your outfit in a completely different direction. As far as footwear goes, unfortunately only black shoes will suffice.

The Patterned Suit

OK, so we know we said you only really need three suits — but for those who prefer something with a little more character, the patterned suit is an excellent choice (especially if you want to stand out from the crowd). We suggest something with a subtle check, in navy or grey. Not only will you be able to alternate the trousers and jackets with other plain suits, but you can even dress it down with a pair of chinos at the weekend.

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