The collar is where the shirt announces itself.

An ill-fitting or curling collar is never a good look if you’re trying to make any sort of positive, sartorial impression. And who hasn’t struggled with a collar too floppy to stand up to it partners in dress - the suit and tie? A collar that’s sitting right, fitting right, with tips as a straight as a die – can lift your outfit to a whole new level. You’ll look smarter, more professional and generally well-tailored.

Jeffrey - the owner of The Savile Row Company, was a young man when he started making shirts. In his eyes, a perfect collar is a thing of beauty; he’s followed his passion spending years refining the fit, comfort and look of shirt collars. In an effort to up the ante in seeing a better turned out Britain – he encourages us all to get on board with his ‘Ban the Collar Curl Club!

Almost any shirt can look pristine when new, but the company crafts shirts that stay looking immaculate wear-after-wear, wash- after-wash.


What’s the secret?

Jeffrey has implemented additional and differentiating steps into the shirt making process.

First - each collar has two sets of stiffeners or stays (depending on which side of the Atlantic you sit). One set of collar stiffeners is integral and one removable. The integral ones are positioned to sit right in the points, so the collar is neat, holds its shape and never curls. Once correctly in place, the collar is top stitched.

Small slots are then sewn into the underside of the collar where the removable stiffeners can be inserted. Despite the extra time and resource involved, these steps are highly valued by a man whose aim is to deliver luxury shirts.

Jeffrey has also invented another design and comfort feature, unique to the Savile Row Company. How the collar stand (also referred to as the ‘band’) meets the collar makes all the difference to how a collar looks and feels around the neck. Theirs are incomparably, softly shaped to accommodate a tie more comfortably. No more collar rub! And there’s an added bonus – with this special feature – collars sit better with open-necked shirts as well.

For all those in favour of Curl Free Collars – say Aye!

*not all of these items are now in stock*