Getting dressed up for the races is a tradition that has been going on for many years and is one that will continue in the future. Of course, the whole idea of going to this event is to try your luck by putting on a few bets on the horses, but the emphasis is all on the dress code.

With all the eye-catching fascinators and dresses, it can be hard for the men to stand out but it’s important that the gents show off their personality and style just as much as the ladies. This guide will take a look at men's fashion at the races.

Choosing a men's races outfit can be a difficult decision as there are a variety of different looks and styles in which you could go for. At Savile Row, we want to help you pick the perfect outfit for yourself so we have put together some guidelines for you to follow.

How to Wear a Linen Suit to the Races

For summer race meetings, it’s a good idea to wear a lightweight wool or linen suit. This way, you can still look stylish whilst keeping cool. Go for a pale, light colour to get the ultimate spring/summer look and why not pair it with a linen shirt too?


How to Wear a Patterned Suit to the Races

Do you want to wear something that will really make you stand out from the crowd? If so, you should consider going for an eye-catching patterned suit. The classic patterned style will add that extra bit of excitement to your look which will match perfectly with the energetic atmosphere at the races. However, if you’re going for a patterned suit, it’s important not to go too over the top so we advise that you pair it with a plain, simple white shirt to ensure that there are no colour or pattern clashes.


How to Wear a Suit to the Races

If patterned suits aren’t your thing, don’t worry- you can still get a smart, stylish look by wearing something a bit more subtle. From blue to beige, grey to navy, plain suits will still give you the dressy look you want whilst keeping you feeling both confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. The versatile shades of plainer suits will give you the chance to be adventurous with the shirt, shoes and accessories in which you choose to pair it with.


How to Wear a Three-Piece Suits to the Races

You can never go wrong with a three-piece suit. Made up of a suit jacket, trousers and a waistcoat, you can go as bold or basic as you want with the colours and/or patterns you choose. The great thing about wearing a three-piece suit to the races is that it gives you an extra layer if the weather is cold and even if the weather is hot, you’ll still have the smart waistcoat on if you decide to take your jacket off. Whatever style or colour you choose to wear, you must ensure that both your suit and waistcoat is fitted properly to your measurements in order to look as slick as smart as possible.


How to Dress Smart-Casual for the Races

If you don’t fancy wearing a suit to the races, there’s no harm in going for a more smart/casual look. Why not try out a blazer/chino combo? This look is cool and relaxed but still dressy enough for the races. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; the blazer should be a different colour to the chinos in which you choose to wear.


What Shoes to Wear to the Races

When it comes down to what to wear to the races, your shoes are very important. They should be smart and sophisticated, but comfortable as well. Depending on what type of suit you go for, you must pick a colour and style that compliments your whole outfit. Are you going for a smart/casual look and aren’t sure what shoes to pair with your outfit? Loafers look great with summer wear such as chinos and will give your outfit that extra bit of personality.


What Accessories to Wear to the Races

Accessories are a must-have for the races as they help to complete your smart, sophisticated look. If you decide to wear a plain suit, you can go bolder and brighter with the patterns and colours of your accessories. Add some personality and character to your outfit with a stripy, colourful tie along with a matching pocket square. If you’ve got a patterned or colourful suit and don’t want to look too over the top, then make sure that you stick to plain, neutral coloured accessories.

MEN'S ACCESSORIESNow you know what to wear to the races, you can shop our full range of men's suits. If you're not sure on how a suit should fit, we suggest taking a look at our guide which includes everything you need to know.

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