Early summer is a great time of year for quick city breaks, whether that’s a drive to Bath, a train to Edinburgh or a flight to somewhere further afield like Paris or Prague.

The trips are wonderful – it’s just the packing that can be a bit of a chore. Unless, of course, you’re a lover of all tasks organisational.

It’s a balancing act, isn’t it?

You don’t want to pack too much and regret having too much to lug around. And you don’t want to pack too little and end up spending precious time trekking round the shops in search of a replacement for the item you left behind – and cannot decently or comfortably do without.

So here’s our blueprint for striking that balance…

Think three words: versatility, comfort and class
What you want is the minimum number of comfy, stylish pieces that you can mix and match into outfits for everywhere you’re hoping your trip is going to take you.

Do a little bit of forward planning
Check the weather a few days in advance and think about what you’re likely to be doing. (If you leave packing till the last minute you’re much more likely to over-pack. You’ll find yourself pushing lots of extra items into your bag ‘just in case’ it rains, turns hot, turns cold … or the break turns out to include an occasion which calls for this, this, oh and this.)

Let’s say, for example, you’ve got a day when you’re going to be exploring the city in the day and eating out in the evening. Planning your daytime and evening outfits for that day around a single pair of dark, easy-coloured chinos would be a smart move.


A casual shirt, possibly layered over a T-shirt and under a jacket (depending on the weather), will pair admirably with your chinos – and fit the bill very nicely for meandering through streets, museums and galleries. If you are going to need that jacket, wearing it to travel to your destination will, of course, save you having to pack it.


Then, at the end of the day, switch into a smart casual, plain colour, button-collar shirt and voilà! You’ve got your evening outfit nailed. Add a fine wool jumper or jacket if the weather or the occasion demand.


Do you want to be really smart?
If you want to be really smart, go one step further and iron the clothes you’re going to take a few days in advance. The more recently garments have been ironed when they’re packed, the more they crease.

Plan what you’re going to wear to travel
If you don’t want to take a big bag, it makes sense to wear the bulkiest items to travel in. This applies to jackets and shoes in particular. You might also want to think about wearing the items which are hardest to pack and travel least well because of the way they crease.

Don’t forget the essentials!
Wherever you’re going, you’re going to need:

  • underwear (including socks)
  • toiletries (including all medication)
  • sleepwear
  • laundry bag for packing worn items when you return
  • devices such as phones and cameras (plus chargers)
  • a ‘day’ bag for carrying things like souvenir purchases, and
    reading matter.

But it’s surprising just how often it’s something from that list that gets forgotten!


And when you reach your destination…
Unpack straight away. Hang shirts, trousers and anything else that’s got a bit crushed or creased in transit in the bathroom so that, as you relax in the bath or shower, the hot steam can send the wrinkles ‘packing’!

Enjoy your break.
*not all of these items are now in stock*