We all love a gift with a personal touch.

It makes us feel just so, so special.

A gorgeous silk tie is a gorgeous silk tie. Make that a gorgeous silk tie that’s been monogrammed and … Whoa!

Your gift is in a whole new league of pleasure-giving.

It’s not just about the old-fashioned aspirational value of having one’s initials stitched onto one’s clothing – be that ties, formal shirts, dressing gowns, pyjamas and even boxer shorts. (Give us 48 hours and we can monogram any of those for you, with up to four letters, in a choice of lettering style and thread colour.)

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No, in today’s busy world, giving a personalised gift is about the sheer joy of giving – and receiving – something that’s totally individual.

That said, if you personalise something less ephemeral than clothing (and we hate to admit it but even our renowned formal shirts won’t last for ever and ever!), you’re creating a wonderful opportunity for your gift to be handed down – and treasured by future generations.

Choose one of our luxury silver accessories – a tie clip, cufflinks, collar stiffeners or a money clip. We’ll engrave it with your loved one’s initials. (We can do that in 48 hours too). And you won’t just delight someone special on - you’ll have created a little heirloom.


Happy gift-giving!