Named after Mr Charles Goodyear Jr – who came up with the construction technique in 1971 – the Goodyear welt is widely referred to as a hallmark of a well-made, long lasting shoe. But, what actually is it?

The welt is a strip of leather that is sewn around the bottom edge of the upper and, quite simply, is used to hold the shoe together. The process involves running a lockstitch through the upper, insole and welt, while a separate stitch is used to attach the outsole; in effect, this careful process makes the shoe incredibly resilient and water-resistant, as well as ensuring the threads can never unravel.

It’s worth noting, because of such vigorous construction, you may find a Goodyear-welted shoe a tad stiff at first. However, once broken in, they’ll mould to your feet, making things much more comfortable. For those that find they rub, we suggest using a beeswax candle (on the inside top edge of the shoe, at the heel) to soften the leather and help eliminate any unwanted blisters.

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