The Beginner’s Guide to Men’s Smart-Casual

Smart-casual is not a term to be taken lightly; it’s a sartorial instruction that can determine the dress code for some of life’s most important occasions – from interviews, wedding receptions, family gatherings and more. But what does it really mean?


Truth is, it can trip up the best of us; but we like a challenge. So here it goes: as the name implies, it pretty much refers to an outfit that is not too smart but not overly casual; something dressier than a tracksuit, but less formal than a suit. Still confused? Take a look at these three fail-safe men’s smart-casual outfits below.

Polo shirt, chinos and Chelsea boots


Jacket, roll neck, jeans and brogues


Button-down shirt, chinos and trainers


Final Word

Whilst we hope the above helped, we’re sure there will be times when confusion arises. With this in mind – when you’re dressing for a smart-casual event – we suggest taking your cue from the formality of this tricky oxymoron. After all, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Try and wear a couple of items you can remove – that way, if you feel the need to tone things down, you can. Finally, whatever you wear, ensure your outfit has balance. If you opt for a jacket and shirt, for example, lose the tie and go for jeans or chinos rather than a pair of trousers.

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