As a man of taller stature, we are sure that you are used to drawing people’s eye. We’re here to offer some advice to make sure that what they see makes the right sort of lasting impression, and that you’re not simply remembered as “that very tall chap”.

A common misconception is that tall men must avoid vertical stripes at all costs. This simply is not true. You just need to be more selective with your choice. Pinstripes are not usually the best idea, for example, however broader, less pronounced stripes suit taller frames very well.

From an aesthetic standpoint, tall men tend to have more than enough vertical lines, naturally; what they lack is a horizontal element. You can add this in a number of stylish ways, which will subtly balance your frame and impede the eye from making long vertical sweeps. Checked shirts, with their horizontal lines, tend to minimise verticality and broaden the chest; the same can be said for pocket squares. A belt in a contrasting colour will stand out, causing the eye to pause on its way up and down.

Tall men are lucky in that they can pull off bolder colour combinations and patterns without looking swamped by them. Smaller patterns, however, tend to look a bit busy on a larger scale. Remember that it is you who wears the clothes; you don’t want the clothes wearing you!


The Savile Row Company provides a wide range of sizes, most with the option of longer sleeves and trouser lengths. Suit trousers are also available ‘unfinished’ at a length of 39”, so you are guaranteed a perfect fit!