It doesn’t matter if you wear a shirt every day or once in a blue moon – knowing how to iron a shirt is a sartorial skill that every gentleman needs to perfect. To help you get it right, we’ve created this handy guide complete with step-by-step instructions and a short video that visually takes you through the whole process.

What You Need to Iron a Shirt

Before ironing your shirt, take a look at this checklist and make sure you have everything you need:

A Clean Iron

To avoid ruining your freshly cleaned shirt, ensure the base plate of your iron is free of rust or sediment. If you can’t tell, try using it on an old white cloth to see if it leaves any marks.

A Clean Shirt

It’s important to wash any shirt before ironing it. If it’s still dirty, the heat from your iron could make stains permanent.

An Ironing Board

If you’re in a rush you may be tempted to use the nearest clean surface, however for the best results always use an ironing board.

Boiled Water

If you live in an area where there is hard water, it could be a good idea to boil the water before you add it to your iron. Without boiling, you run the risk of blocking up the iron – thus leading to stains and reduced efficiency.

Ironing Shirt Cuffs

To start, unbutton your cuffs and begin ironing on the inside. Work your way to the outside, carefully ironing around (not over) the buttons.

Ironing Shirt SleeveS

To ensure a nicely pressed sleeve, make sure it is flat and smooth before you start to iron. Begin by folding the sleeve along the underarm seam with the sleeve guard facing upwards. Next, turn the sleeve and press the pleats – repeating this on both sides.

Ironing a Shirt Collar

With all buttons undone and collar stays removed, put the collar up and start at the back. Once done, flip and repeat.

Ironing the Yoke of a Shirt

The yoke is found at the top of the back and shoulder section. To iron this part of the shirt, push the shoulders into the curved edge of the ironing board – start from one side and work into the middle. Next, turn the shirt around and do the other side.

Ironing the Back of a Shirt

Once both shoulders are ironed, move slowly downward. If there’s a centre pleat, be careful to iron around it, not iron it back in.

Ironing the Front of a Shirt

Once you’re happy with the back, feed the shirt around the ironing board and start on the front. Press carefully around buttons – using light spray or steam to remove any stubborn wrinkles.

How to Iron a Shirt Video

Make sure your shirt is always perfectly ironed by watching this video.

Top Tips for Ironing a Shirt

Now you know how to iron a shirt, take a look at our top tips:

  • Before you begin ironing, make sure your board is at the right height.
  • Iron in long, straight strokes and avoid wiggling the iron around too much.
  • Remember to iron around buttons.
  • Iron inside out wherever possible. This will help protect the appearance of your shirt.
  • Hang up your ironed shirt as soon as possible.
  • Never iron a dirty shirt – this could make stains permanent.
  • Clean your iron regularly.