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Let us explain


Let us explain


Let us explain


Discover Savile Row Company’s collection of luxury navy suits, available in a wide range of sizes. Timeless, versatile and stylish, the navy blue suit is a must-have in any well-rounded wardrobe—becoming a dependable staple you’ll turn to time and time again. Tailored to perfection using the very best fabrics, our navy suits are suitable for a variety of occasions. Worn with a classic formal shirt, they’re a fail-safe choice for work, weddings, interviews and much more. You can also team them with a crew neck T-shirt or casual shirt for a more relaxed look.

What colour shirt with a navy suit?

A white shirt is a traditional and versatile choice to pair with a navy suit. It provides a clean and classic look that complements the richness of the navy color. Additionally, light blue and light pink shirts can also work well, offering a touch of colour while maintaining a professional and elegant appearance.

Is a navy suit formal?

A navy suit is generally considered formal. Navy is a classic and versatile colour that can be appropriate for a wide range of formal events, from business meetings and weddings to awards evenings. It exudes a sense of elegance and professionalism, making it a staple in men's formalwear. The formality can be further enhanced by pairing the navy suit with appropriate accessories like a tie and formal shirt.

Can you wear a navy suit to a wedding?

Absolutely. A navy suit is a popular and stylish choice for wearing to a wedding. It's versatile enough to suit various wedding settings and dress codes, from formal evening affairs to more relaxed outdoor ceremonies. A well-fitted navy suit exudes elegance and sophistication while allowing you to stand out without overshadowing the wedding party.

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