Our men's black ties are made from pure silk with wool interlining. Choose from a variety of patterns and styles.


Discover our men’s black ties, made from pure silk and finished with wool interlining. An elegant addition to your formal rotation, each design will bring a touch of sophistication to your outfits, whether you’re dressing for an awards ceremony or a family wedding. You’ll also find a selection of men’s black bow ties, perfect for your next black-tie event when teamed with a tailored dinner suit.

Are black ties only for funerals?

Certainly not. While they are traditionally worn at funerals because of their somber colour, men's black ties are also suitable for various formal events, such as black-tie dinners, weddings and elegant evening gatherings. The versatility of a black tie makes it a staple in men's formalwear.

Who wears black ties?

Black ties are worn mostly for formal or semi-formal events. This includes occasions like black-tie dinners, weddings and funerals. In professional settings, such as certain business meetings or diplomatic events, a black tie can also signify formality and sophistication.