Discover the unrivalled luxury of a pin collar shirt. Our collection includes a range of formal designs, perfect for every occasion.

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This selection of pin collar shirts will ensure you make the right impression at your next formal event. Designed to emphasise your silk tie by pushing it forward, these elegant shirts are a fine choice for any gentleman. Whether you’re dressing for your wedding or a trip to the races, a pin collar shirt will help set your outfit apart from the rest. Shop today and discover a range of classic designs — from pale blue to crisp white. Available in classic and slim fit shapes, find your favourite style and team it with a tailored suit.

How to wear a pin collar shirt?

To wear a pin collar shirt, fasten the collar bar or pin underneath the tie knot, securing the collar points against the tie's fabric. This creates a polished and distinctive look that elevates your formal attire by keeping the collar in place and adding a touch of refined detail to your outfit.

When to wear a pin collar shirt?

Wear a pin collar shirt for formal and semi-formal occasions, such as business meetings, weddings and elegant evening events. The pin collar adds a unique touch of sophistication to your outfit, enhancing your overall appearance while maintaining a classic and polished look that suits events where a higher level of refinement is expected.

Where to put the pin on a pin collar shirt?

Place the pin on a pin collar shirt by inserting it horizontally through the eyelets on the underside of each collar point, securing the collar against the tie's knot and creating a refined and distinctive appearance.

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