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Here you’ll find the best men’s pyjamas, offering unbeatable comfort and timeless style for any gentleman. Whether you prefer matching pyjama sets or some lounge pants and a crew neck T-shirt, you’re sure to find something you love in our pyjama collection for men. Choose from a wide range of styles, from paisley-print pyjamas to classic checks and cotton pyjamas for men. Made from the softest fabrics — including our super soft brushed cotton — and finished with luxurious details, there’s no better choice for a stylish night’s sleep. For a unique gift idea, we have personalised pyjamas that can be monogrammed with up to four initials.

How do you pick the best pyjamas?

The best men’s pyjamas are both comfortable and stylish. They’ll be cosy enough for bed, but smart enough to wear around the house. For the summer months, a pair of linen pyjamas are the perfect choice for keeping you cool, while brushed cotton pyjamas will ensure you’re warm in winter. For year-round wear, a classic pair of organic cotton pyjamas are a must-have.

How many nights should you wear men's pyjamas?

Men's pyjamas should ideally be worn for 1-2 nights before being washed. This helps maintain hygiene and freshness, allowing the fabric to breathe and preventing the buildup of body oils, sweat and bacteria. However, personal comfort preferences and the climate can also play a role in determining the frequency of washing.

Are men's pyjamas nightwear?

Yes, men's pyjamas are a type of nightwear designed to be worn during sleep. They typically consist of a matching set of comfortable clothing, including a shirt or top and trousers, providing comfort and warmth for a restful night's sleep.

What fabric is best for men's pyjamas?

We consider natural fabrics like cotton, particularly high-quality cotton blends, the best options for men's pyjamas. Cotton is breathable, soft and comfortable against the skin, helping regulate body temperature and wick away moisture. Linen is an excellent choice for the warmer seasons.

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