Although it can be worn without a tie, we think the sharp, angular lines of the cutaway collar help to show off a half or full Windsor tie knot perfectly. A versatile choice, the balanced design ensures it is suitable for any face shape.
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Button Down

Historically casual, the button-down collar was first introduced in England during the latter parts of the 19th century to help polo players keep their collars in place whilst playing. Today it can be worn casually or formally and with or without a tie. We think it’s a great choice for smart-casual occasions.
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The Windsor collar – or otherwise known as the full cutaway collar – was originally designed for the Duke of Windsor to match the wide Windsor knot he made popular. We think it’s a smart choice for formal occasions, however it can also be worn without a tie for less dressy events.
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Small Cutaway

Like the name suggests, this style is a smaller version of our classic cutaway collar. While it’s still formal, it’s a little less dressy, so it’s perfect for wearing without a tie during the weekend. We think it’s particularly flattering for long faces, although it will suit all shapes and sizes.
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Soft Semi Cutaway

Halfway between our classic and small cutaway collar, the soft semi-cutaway is a formal style with a relaxed edge. It suits all face shapes and looks particularly dashing with a four-in-hand tie knot.
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Designed to accommodate a collar bar – which in turn emphasises your tie by pushing it forward – the pin collar is an elegant choice that is suitable for a wide range of formal occasions. This style shouldn’t be worn without a tie.
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Soft Small Cutaway

A semi-formal collar style used on a selection of our men’s casual shirts. The design is the same as the small cutaway but without the extra collar stays – giving the collar a more relaxed look and feel.
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2 Button

This modern style features an extra button – giving the collar added height and an elegant appearance. Perfect for formal events, it should be worn buttoned with a full-bodied tie knot such as a Windsor.
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Although best worn casually, a grandad collar shirt can also work well for summer weddings – adding a relaxed edge to your favourite suit. As you would expect, it shouldn’t be teamed with a tie.
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This collar will be found on evening shirts, and should be worn with a bow tie and dinner suit. Shirts with wing collars are ideal for black tie events, weddings, and other formal occasions.
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